Looking to welcome a furry four-legged friend into your family? Good for you! Dog ownership is wonderfully fulfilling and can even be life-changing.

A purebred puppy will require a lot of care, love and commitment. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a dog, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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Rest assured, all of our Canadian Kennel Club breeders have agreed to adhere to the CKC Code of Practice for Member Breeders. Two specific aspects of this code of conduct benefit you as a new buyer:

CKC members have agreed to “provide their dogs with appropriate housing, food, and health care, as outlined in the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations.”
CKC members have agreed to “include in their programs only Canadian Kennel Club registered (or registerable) stock which will strengthen the genetic pool and guarantee progression towards the ideals of the standard.”

Good breeding practices produce puppies that become physically and mentally sound dogs. The quality of the purebred stock is something our breeders, and the CKC, take very seriously. Our organization is the primary registry for purebred dogs in Canada, and our membership has been providing guidance, support and information to purebred puppy buyers since 1888. With over 125 years of history and experience, the CKC offers you expert assistance and complete peace of mind.

Enjoy your search!

XXClub is a national, member-based non-profit organization, incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act of Canada. It provides registry services for all officially recognized breeds of purebred dogs. Provides governance for all CKC approved dog  shows, dog trials and canine events. Finally, the CKC is a communication organization informing all people interested in dogs.

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